Examples of our recent projects​

Product Development

  • Spray Dry Product Development, Q3-Q4, 2019.  Collaborated with a major US producer of confectionery products to establish commercial viability of a spray dried form of a powder ingredient.  DP Solutions provided technical and business guidance to identify and establish a relationship with the selected commercial spray dry producer to perform successful field trials of the experimental product form.  

Project Management 

  • Rapid production capacity expansion, Q2, 2017.  A major U.S. producer of bottled consumer products, faced with a sharp unexpected demand spike of 9x normal, required extremely rapid capacity expansion.  DP Solutions assisted by qualifying and driving multiple co-manufacturers, providing technical guidance and enabling resources to maximize productivity of selected partners' rapid contract startups.  Over a few short weeks, through collaboration between the client company, the selected bottling partners, and DP Solutions, the required additional bottling capacity was successfully meeting the challenging consumer demands.

  • Decommissioning of food processing plant , Cincinnati, OH. December 2018.  Managed disassembly, tagging, and cataloging of processing plant equipment, all capital assets and inventory.  Ensured secure transfer of assets from origin to destination delivery.

  • Decommissioning of consumer products processing plant, Baltimore, MD, October 2019.  Managed disassembly, tagging, cataloging of plant equipment.  Oversight of secure preparation and transfer of plant assets.

Manufacturing Productivity 

  • Facility assessments - 2017.  Provided objective assessments of multiple manufacturing facilities for a major producer of consumer goods.  Focusing on productivity strengths and weakness, and identifying potential areas for cost savings and productivity gains.